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Does the NightLase procedure hurt?

No, the procedure is comfortable and fast. You may experience a slight scratch or dryness in your throat following the procedure, but nothing that will require pain medication.

How many times will I need to be treated?

For optimal results expect to be treated 5-7 times during the first year and then once per year after that to maintain an open airway.

When will I see the benefits?

Most patients see results the first night following the procedure.

How will I know if the procedures works?

Advanced Surgical Art’s will help you to set-up a special app on our phone to track snoring and sleep during the night. It is recommended that this app be used for at least one week prior to the procedure to develop a baseline snoring pattern.

Will I have any trouble talking or eating following the procedure?

Most patients are able to eat and drink immediately following the procedure. You may experience some dryness and /or tenderness at the back of your throat for a few days following the procedure.