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Ultrasound Diagnostics for Pain and InjuriesPain Stem Cells

Dr. Lee is a board certified radiologist and one of the most sought after specialists in Texas by other physicians. He is known for being able to locate injuries that other physicians can’t find. Many times it is a very small tear in a muscle, or ligament, that is causing a patient chronic pain.

During an ultrasound diagnostic visit, Dr. Lee will take the time to point out what he is seeing on the screen and show you exactly what is causing your pain.

You may find that your first encounter with Dr. Lee is through a referral from your current doctor. We prioritize our pain patients and will try to get you scheduled within a few days of receiving your referral.

Finding the Root Cause

The first step to lasting pain relief is to find the root cause of the problem. An ultrasound exam, can give your physician some of the most comprehensive data on what is happening with the soft tissue inside your body. It takes a highly trained eye to use an Ultrasound to locate and diagnose injury that other diagnostic equipment can’t see. Once your injury has been located, you can be set on a path to healing.

Vein Disease, Dr. Lee, EVLA Varicose VeinsDoohi Lee, MD

Has years of experience locating and diagnosing pain and sports injuries. He has worked with the USA Olympic team during the 1996 games to help diagnose injuries. It is important to work with a doctor that has the experience and qualifications to help you diagnose and treat your injuries.

 American Board Certifications & Fellowships

  • Laser Medicine and Surgery
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Radiology
  • Regenerative and Functional Medicine
  • Stem Cell Medicine
  • Musculoskeletal Radiology