Doohi Lee, MD

Medical Director

Board Certifications

American Board of Laser Medicine and Surgery
American Board of Aesthetic Medicine
American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine
American Board of Regenerative Medicine
American Board of Vein and Lymphatic Diseases
American Board of Radiology


Cosmetic Surgery
Regenerative and Functional Medicine
Stem Cell Medicine
Musculoskeletal Radiology


Hans-Biomed (MINT) – National Trainer
Suneva – National Trainer
Lumenis – Key Opinion Leader/Speaker/Trainer
Sciton – Key Opinion Leader/Speaker/Trainer
Fotona – Key Opinion Leader/Speaker/Trainer
1996 Olympic Games – Sports Ultrasound Physician
NASA – Research Team
SonoScopic Surgery – Creator/National Trainer
Laser Vein Surgery – International Trainer

As the Medical Director of Advanced Surgical Arts, Dr. Lee applies the principals of regenerative and integrative medicine as the foundation to enhance patient treatments and clinical outcomes in Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetics Medicine, Laser Medicine, Vein Medicine, General Surgery and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound.

Dr. Doohi Lee was one of the first vein doctors in the Dallas Fort Worth area to be board certified to treat Vein Disease. His skills in this area are internationally recognized and he spends considerable time educating and training other medical professionals on advanced vein surgery procedures. He practices and teaches minimally invasive, no-scar techniques for vein ablation, along with sclerotherapy and external laser procedures that result in healthy and beautiful legs.

In the area of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Lee strives to realize the natural look that enhances a patient’s individual beauty rather than anything that distorts or over-emphasizes the facial features. He is also an active practitioner of all aspects of cosmetic and surgical laser applications. These include light-based therapies, ablative and non-ablative facial procedures, body contouring, acne and scar treatments, tattoo removal as well as laser lipolysis and Endo-Venous Laser Ablations (EVLA) of incompetent veins. He has served as key opinion leader (KOL) for various companies such as Lumenis, Sciton and Fotona, presenting lectures and live courses internationally for cosmetic and surgical laser applications.

He also served as a national trainer for Suneva as well as in numerous seminars and training courses in non-surgical aesthetic medicine. His training and teaching reach a wide area, from basic neuro-modulator techniques and all types of fillers to the use of biologics including platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells for aesthetic purposes. He is currently active as part of the National Trainer team for Hans-Biomed which manufactures the MINT Threads for Face and Body lift.

In the area of Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Lee has developed The Diamond Matrix® which is a comprehensive 3-D medical structure of applying all the basis of Integrative Medicine toward creating and maintaining a healthy human being. The Diamond Matrix® incorporates the principals and concepts of nutrition, life-style, brain health, regenerative medicine, cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, emotional and spiritual health and sexual health in a multi-factorial structure to optimize health.

In the area of Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound, Dr. Lee has taught internationally since 1990, and served as the first USA physician to introduce MSK Ultrasound to the Olympic Games in 1996. Working with NASA, Dr. Lee was a part of the research team to teach Astronauts who were on board the International Space Station.

Dr. Lee originated the concept of Sonoscopic surgery, where ultrasound is used not only as a mere guidance tool, but as a surgical instrument. As in other minimally invasive surgical techniques, ultrasound becomes Sonoscope to visualize, guide, direct and monitor not only needles but also many types of surgical instruments for soft tissue surgery. Dr. Lee and his colleagues are proud to offer courses to introduce physicians from multiple disciplines; to teach basic and advanced concepts of Sonoscopy while training them in multiple techniques of needle and instrument manipulations for soft tissue and joint procedures.


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