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Tattoos play an important role in our culture. However, when changes in your life happen, sometimes a ‘once loved tattoo’ needs to go.  Advanced Surgical Arts is one of the most experienced providers of laser tattoo removal in Texas. Their medical providers offer an advanced technique called FRAC-Tat that provides a comfortable way to quickly remove unwanted tattoos from any part of your body.

FRAC-Tat® Technique

The tattoo removal FRAC-Tat® procedure, utilizes a combination of laser wavelengths, pulse speeds and laser techniques to more effectively remove all types of tattoos. During a traditional tattoo removal treatment, a “frosting” effect takes place that prevents a second or third pass over the tattoo. Frosting is essentially when the treated skin swells and turns white (frosting) blocking the laser from a repeat pass over the tattoo during the session.

With the FRAC-Tat® tattoo removal method, an initial pass over the tattoo is made with a fractionated laser to open microscopic holes in the skin. This helps to prevent frosting and allows the ink to escape the body enabling us to make multiple laser passes over the tattoo in a single session. Each pass over the tattoo, breaks down and releases more ink. The FRAC-Tat® method is able to remove tattoos with half as many sessions that is normally required by traditional methods.

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Tattoo removal can be unpleasant if the area to be treated isn’t properly anesthetized. Because we are a medical facility, we are able to give an injection of tumescent local anesthesia to completely numb the tattoo area.

Is Tattoo Removal Safe and EffectiveTattoo Removal B&F

Lasers remove tattoos without harming your skin by using wavelengths of light energy that are only absorbed by the colored pigments in tattoo ink. The ink is destroyed as it absorbs laser energy, then the waste is gradually removed by your body. At Advanced Surgical Arts, Dr. Lee uses an advanced laser, the Fotona StarWalker®, which provides a high-powered solution for quicker tattoo removal. The StarWalker® combines Nano-Second and Pico-Second pulse technology with four different wavelengths. Here’s how those two qualities improve tattoo removal:

Pico-Second and Nano-Second Technology

The Nano-Second pulse is strong and powerfully penetrates deep below your skin without harming the skin’s surface to initially break down tattoos. Then the ultra fast Pico-Second pulse does a superior job of further breaking tattoo ink into tiny, pulverized pieces that are easy for your body to clear away.

Four Different Laser Wavelengths

During the tattoo removal process, different colors of ink pigments require different laser wavelengths. Since the StarWalker® laser combines all these wavelengths into their device, we are able to remove all colors of tattoos, including multicolor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo Removal

Tattoo RemovalHow many tattoo removal treatments will I need?

Every tattoo requires more than one treatment to remove all remnants of your tattoo. Tattoos that are deeper, have multiple layers of ink and have more colors need more treatments. After examining your tattoo, Dr. Lee can determine the number of sessions you may need based on several qualities that affect tattoo removal, such as:

  • Age of the tattoo
  • Size and Location
  • Number of Colors
  • The Depth of Ink
  • Quality of the Tattoo

After Treatment

You may have slight bleeding, temporary swelling, redness and scabbing in the treated area, but you can get back to your usual activities when your session is finished. You’ll need to wait at least three weeks between treatments to give your body time to heal and clear away tattoo waste. If you’d like to have an unwanted tattoo removed, call Advanced Surgical Arts.[

Board Certified in Laser Medicine

Dr. Lee is one of the nation’s leading providers of laser services for both medical and aesthetic purposes and is certified by the American Board of Laser Medicine and Surgery. He is a renowned laser instructor for medical providers throughout the world. Several leading laser companies have retained Dr. Lee to provide key opinions and scientific research on their laser protocols. All of  the medical providers at Advanced Surgical Arts are expertly trained and certified by Dr. Lee in the specialized FRAC-Tat laser tattoo removal process.  Because Advanced Surgical Art’s is a medical facility, they are able to offer pain free laser tattoo removal with medical injections such as lidocaine. Tattoo removal without proper numbing can be very unpleasant.

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