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How do lasers safely remove hair?

You can have unwanted hair removed without damaging the surrounding skin because the laser’s energy is only absorbed by the hair follicles. Some people like the convenience of laser hair removal because of the simplicity of the procedure. As each follicle absorbs light, heat from the laser destroys the follicle. The existing hair falls out and the follicle stops growing new hair.

Laser hair removal is safe for all skin types.  We have found lasers effective for every hair color, from light colors including white, gray and blond hair.  Lasers also work for black hair removal, so there is no need to worry about hair you no longer want. 

Rest assured, lasers are safe for virtually every part of your body. Our expert team can help with 

  • Upper lip hair removal
  • Eyebrow hair removal 
  • Bikini hair removal 
  • Back hair removal
  • and other places where you no longer want hair

Our professional methods help you remove hair permanently and safely.

Why do I need several laser hair removal treatments?

You’ll need more than one treatment because the laser only affects follicles while they’re growing hair. On any given day, some follicles will be in a growth phase, while others are dormant.

Every hair follicle goes through cycles. They actively grow hair for years, then enter a rest cycle. While the follicle is dormant, the hair loosens and falls out.

You naturally lose some hair every day as various follicles enter their rest phase. After a few months, the follicle cycles back to a growth phase and grows new hair.

Most patients between two and six treatments administered about two to four months apart before the laser catches all of the follicles in the growth phase.

Some patients may need an annual maintenance treatment after their initial sessions. Dr. Lee lets you know about how many sessions you’ll need when you come in for a consultation.

What should you expect during laser hair removal?

The length of your hair removal session depends on the size of the targeted area. For example, an upper lip only takes a few minutes, while treating a larger area like your back may take 30-60 minutes.

Although many patients tolerate laser hair removal, it’s universally described as feeling like a rubber band being snapped against your skin. Dr. Lee can apply a topical numbing cream if necessary to ensure your comfort.

After your treatment, your skin will be slightly red, like a sunburn, and you may experience a little swelling. These normal side effects go away within a few days.

You won’t need to take downtime, but you’ll receive self-care instructions and may need to diligently use a sunscreen or avoid the sun for a while.

If you’ve had it with your daily hair removal routine and want to be free of unwanted hair, call Advanced Surgical Arts.

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Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair. If you want a flawless facial hair removal or would like to have a complete bikini laser hair removal, we have a professional team to help you look your best.

Dr. Doohi Lee, MD, FAARM, at Advanced Surgical Arts uses the best laser hair removal technology available. With cutting-edge lasers that treat hair follicles, you’ll get long-lasting results and a smooth, hair-free face and body. To schedule laser hair removal, call our office in Plano, Texas, 972-612-1900.


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