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Laser Ablation Treatment

For smaller spider veins near the surface of the skin, a laser ablation treatment is an option that offers the best outcomes with little to no complications. An advanced laser that has a 1064 light beam is used eliminate the spider vein while gently passing through the surrounding tissue. Because of the special characteristics of the laser, the light beam is only attracted to the pigmented color in the veins enabling the doctor to treat the veins without causing harm to surrounding tissue.

What to Expect During a Laser Ablation Procedure

The area to be treated will be completely numbed for the patient’s comfort. The laser will then be fired multiple times in the area containing the veins. The results are immediate and permanent. The procedure is fast and relatively painless. There is no downtime for recovery and minimal risk associated with this procedure. This procedure is done in the office on an out-patient basis. Most patients can go back to normal activities immediately following the procedure with no downtime.

Possible Laser Ablation Complications

  • Minor Skin Discoloration or Redness
  • Minor Sensation during Procedure

Doohi Lee, MD Vein Experience

Starting in 2005, Dr. Doohi Lee become one of the first vein doctors in the DFW area to be board certified to treat Vein Disease. He has the following American Board Certifications that make him an expert at diagnosing and treating all types of vein conditions;

  • Radiology – Interventional Radiologist
  • Vein and Lymphatic Disease – Vein Surgeon
  • Laser Medicine and Surgery – Laser Surgeon
  • Regenerative Medicine – Surgeon

Dr. Lee’s skills are internationally recognized and he spends considerable time educating and training other medical professionals on advanced vein surgery procedures. He practices and teaches minimally invasive, no-scar techniques for vein ablation, along with sclerotherapy and external laser procedures that result in healthy and beautiful legs.