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IPL Photofacial Questions

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IPL Photofacial Questions

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The price of an IPL Photofacial depends on the treatment area.  The average price per treatment starts at about $200.

[/st_item_accordion][st_item_accordion heading=”How often can I come for an IPL Photofacial Procedure?” ]

It is recommended that you wait at least 4 weeks between treatments. The average person needs about 3-5 treatments per location to achieve optimal results. It is fine to have additional treatments if needed.

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Typically, the skin will be red and feel slightly warm after treatment. It may feel like a slight sun burn and the skin could feel tight. These post treatment sensations should subside in 1 to 2 hours. You may also notice your brown spot darkening (this is a good sign). This darkening will go away over the next 7-14 days as the pigment is broken down and eliminated from your body. 

[/st_item_accordion][st_item_accordion heading=”Why do my brown spots look darker after the procedure?” ]

Due to the reaction of energy from the IPL, as it is absorbed by the pigmented lesions, your brown spots could appear darker. For several days following the procedure, you could notice darkening and crusting of brown spots. This is a good sign that the treatment has affected the pigmented lesions and is beginning to break them down. Your dark spots should begin to lighten and flake off over the next 7-14 days.  You should see noticeable reduction in your brown spots following each treatment.

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No. Due to the intensity of the treatment it is recommended that you protect your photo sensitive skin with sunscreen. We will apply a physician grade sunblock to your treated area following your procedure. You will need to continue to wear a high level sunscreen and avoid direct, excessive sun exposure or tanning to protect your newly treated skin.

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Marty Lumpkin

Marty is the OR Director for Advanced Surgical Arts and has worked in surgery assisting doctors for more than 35 years. Weekends will find Marty training doctors and medical professionals throughout the United States on advanced lasers and IPL aesthetic devices. He was also the research coordinator for several FDA trials on new aesthetic equipment. Marty is an expert on all aesthetic laser procedures and really enjoys helping patients transform their skin with IPL treatments for age and brown spots.

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Call 972-612-1900 To Schedule A Consultation To Learn More About IPL Photofacials

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