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Urinary incontinence commonly leaves the sufferer with psychological morbidity, particularly depression.*

Up to 23% of women take time off work because of their incontinence.

Women with severe urinary incontinence can pay $900 annually for adult incontinence products.


A BMJ study found 97% of GP’s surveyed found their female patients had expressed concern about their genitals and whether they were normal.**

According to the NAFC, 54% of women with undiagnosed incontinence report loss of confidence with 45% reporting a loss of intimacy.

Female sexual dysfunction (the inability to orgasm) impacts nearly 43% of women.


More than a third of women between 45 and 50 avoid athletic activities out of fear of an incontinence episode.***

Chaffing and pelvic pain are common reasons why women limit or refrain from engaging in exercise or wearing certain clothes.