Non-surgical Solution To Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

If you have been relegated to another room by your sleeping partner due to your snoring, you are not alone. More that 89 million Americans snore. It may bother your loved ones and keep them awake at night, but for you it has some very serious health ramifications. Snoring can cause; migraines, fatigue, irritability,Nightlase, Snoring daytime fogginess, depression, sexual dysfunction, heart conditions, and more.

NightLase Snoring Procedure

NightLase is an FDA approved laser procedure that can help with your sleep apnea problem.  Scientific studies have shown that the Fontona NightLase procedure is 85% effective in eliminating or reducing the incidence of snoring in treated patients.

The procedure uses a gentle laser beam inside the mouth to address the tissue at the back of the throat. It is this tissue at the back of the throat that at times can block your airway causing snoring sounds as it vibrates. The laser has unique characteristics that enable it to tighten this tissue and open an obstructed airway.

Test Yourself

If you really want to understand your level of snoring, take a test tonight. With a free mobile app called ‘SnoreLab’ you can record your snoring and get baseline results. You will know how aggressively you snore, and how many minutes per night you snore. The graph will show if you have obstructed sleep apnea and if you completely stop breathing at various points during the night.

We use this app with all our patients to show them a baseline of their snoring and to track their progress after each NightLase treatment.

The Results Are Impressive

The non-surgical NightLase snoring procedure is an effective, alternative to CPAP machines and traditional snoring surgery. We have successfully reunited sleeping partners by eliminating or reducing snoring problems. The procedure is fast and effective. Most patients are satisfied after only 4-5 treatments. Call us today at 972-612-1900 and get back your rightful place in the master bedroom!