The SonoKinesthesia Procedure

Once the underlying soft tissue problems are identified, Dr. Lee works with the patient to establish an individualized treatment program that requires no surgery—only minimally invasive needle based procedures that leave no scars. All procedures are done under Ultrasound, so there is precise placement of the needle and other instruments (if needed) to the defective area(s). These procedures, which are called “SonoKinesthesia,” have proved to be highly effective in treating numerous patients who suffer daily from severe, chronic and unrelenting pain. The eligibility of a particular patient for these procedures is determined through a personal consultation with Dr. Lee at ASA.

During a typical consultation for chronic pain, Dr. Lee will obtain a detailed history of your pain, including any injury, trauma or surgery as well as underlying conditions such as diabetes. This is followed by a thorough physical examination of the painful areas to determine the intensity, size and extent of the painful areas. Other associated areas, such as referred pain, will also be assessed. This is then followed by an ultrasound examination of the areas for visualization and diagnosis of the internal defects that may be the sources of your pain. The internal areas of abnormality are further corroborated with physical examination for confirmation.

After establishing the diagnosis, Dr. Lee goes over the results of his evaluations in detail and suggests a course of action and treatment program, presenting various procedure options, their risks and benefits and reasonable expected outcomes. Once you thoroughly understand your individual situation, such as possible origin of your pain, your present condition and underlying soft tissue problems that are likely cause of your pain, then you will be free to select various treatment options that are presented to you.

The Road to Recovery

Often, patients are gratified to learn that they do indeed have a physical problem, and their pain is not all “in their head.” If you have been suffering with severe pain for many years, pain that no one seems to be able to treat, let alone diagnose, this validation alone can have a significant positive effect toward recovery. After the initial consultation, patients leave with hope that there may be a road to recovery and regaining their lives.