Advanced Surgical Arts provides a wide range of services to help you achieve peace through inner and outer beauty. Our services range from Aesthetic Sugery to Minimally Invasive procedures. Advanced Surgical Arts also believes that inner peace comes from the relief of pain. Dr. Doohi Lee can provide that relief to this in need and help them achieve inner peace that translates to outer beauty.

Aesthetic Surgery - Advanced Surgical Arts

Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic Surgery can have a profound effect on a patients overall confidence which can create a more rewarding personal life and career. IAdvanced Surgical Arts can help turn back the hands of time creating a younger more vibrant look.

Minimally Invasive

Minimally Invasive procedures can provide that amount of relief, both through inner and outer beauty, that a patient desires without having to take the route of surgery. Advanced Surgical Arts can provide the exact procedure you need.

Pain Care

Patients in pain cannot feel beautiful about themselves. Inner and outer beauty are compromised when pain goes untreated. Advanced Surgical Arts specializes in several methods of pain care to help you achieve relief.

For Men

Inner and outer beauty are not only for women. There are several options that Advanced Surgical Arts offers tailored just to men. Dr. Doohi Lee can help you achieve your goals in a method that is suited just for men.

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